Duo Liza Rebecca & Petros Papoulias

Since Liza and Petros met in 2019, a thriving musical collaboration immediately emerged.

Their repertoire extends from opera arias to Lied and Mélodie. Liza and Petros perform works by various composers in five different languages. Their repertoire includes Handel, Mozart and Rossini, but also Fauré, Schubert, Hahn, Duparc, Tosti and Lorca. They are particularly fond of the French, Italian and Spanish-language repertoire.

Some favorite titles are the coloratura arias ‘Mura felici’ and ‘Cruda sorte’ by Rossini, the sensitive ‘Già dagli occhi il velo è tolto’ by Mozart, the poetic ‘Nocturne’ by Fauré, as well as ‘Chanson triste’ by Duparc, the fiery ‘Café de Chinitas’ but also Lorca’s intimate ‘Nana’.

The corona crisis was an unfortunate setback for the duo. Yet they have already had several opportunities to perform together at events and to give house concerts in Utrecht, Amersfoort and Amsterdam.

Chanson Triste – Henri Duparc