I am a very enthusiastic piano teacher! I have been teaching young children, teens and adults for 14 years already, which has given me valuable experience, enabling me to constantly improve my way of teaching. I teach not because I have to, but because I really enjoy it!

The type of lesson always varies from person to person. With children, I use 3 different piano methods, as each student has different needs, goals and aspirations towards music. For adults, the situation is slightly different. My personal favorite is combining teaching piano and music theory. I have extracted all the useful information that someone will need out of a standard music theory course, which will be used for piano playing, composing and improvising. Furthermore, apart from classical music, I enjoy teaching modern music and jazz. I also think that improvisation is really useful for a musician, and believe me, it can be taught! In general, I teach music, not only piano playing. My method is much broader than mere piano technique – it’s approaching music in a wider aspect. All of my students seem to be very satisfied with this approach.

I teach in Utrecht, in-person and online, always offering the first trial lesson for free! So don’t hesitate to contact me!

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